Twitter Trivia ends: Lessons Learned

by danperry on April 1, 2008

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I’ve been running a little social media experiment the past month called Twitter Trivia. I told myself that if I didn’t have 100 followers by the end of the month, I’d end it. As of this morning, it’s 86, thus the demise of Twitter Trivia.

So what did I learn from this small, social media experiment?

  • Most of the followers are new to Twitter. There are some followers that have >500 followers, but the vast majority are <100. Why? I think because it’s a way for them to interact with someone else, without sticking their neck out too far. Everyone loves trivia, and if you know the answer, all the better. It’s a good way to engage with Twitter, and get your sea legs.
  • The followers break down into select groups. Not unlike the “Never Ending Friending” (PDF) report, which in part, stated that social networks break down into 5 select groups, so did Twitter Trivia. There were a select few who were always answering (right or wrong), a group of those that would occasionally, and some that never did.
  • Twitter Trivia spawned others. There are two other Twitter Trivia-like games that evolved during the month of the experiment. One in particular is probably a little better, in that you can’t just copy/paste the question into Google and find the answer. It’s tough coming up with these types of questions, trust me. :)
  • It truly was social. In the end, I think this was the most interesting takeaway for me. I found that, when I’d send out the three winners for each question, some followers would click the links of the winners, and start following them. There was even some gentle taunting/ribbing that evolved.

In the end, the game brought people together that otherwise would have never met, so in my opinion, it was a great success.

Thanks to all those who played, and for those interested, here’s the Final Leaderboard.

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