Twitter Power uses me as an example; Woot!

by danperry on February 17, 2009

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Joel Comm’s new book “Twitter Power – How to Dominate Your Market One Tweet at a Time” uses me as an example of how to build a following on Twitter; so exciting!
In Chapter 4 titled “Building a Following on Twitter”, one of the strategies discussed is to respond to requests (pgs. 85-86). Here’s where the little blurb about me comes in:

The second rule is that the more popular the questioner, the greater the benefits of lending them a hand – or even providing them with a good reply.

When they thank you or comment back, lots of people will see their response, wonder who you are and stop by your Twitter page to find out.

This is a strategy followed by Dan Perry (, a search engine optimization expert at, and he already has more than 850 followers.

By simply responding to a question, I got my name in print! It impressed my wife (which takes quite a bit), and it’s actually something worthwhile to bring up in casual discussion, etc.

So the lesson is this: Don’t just watch as others socialize on Twitter; join the discussion, because you never know where that Tweet might appear.

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