Be a Good Conference Speaker; Twitter is Judging

by danperry on April 22, 2008

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I’m not attending SMX Social in Long Beach, California, but a lot of my friends on Twitter are, so I get all the scoop/opinions in real time.

It seems like Rand Fishkin, known for being a strong speaker (I thought he was the few times I’ve seen him speak), seems to really have stubbed his toe at this conference. Here are three comments I read, all within a minute of each other:

Smx – rand fishburn needs a few less tangents and a little more focus


I think Rand is on drugs. He’s full of tangents and making little sense. Someone send Mystery Guest to come collect him.


@smx @randfish is entertaining, but missing the gist with all his witty pop cultural asides


The point: Thanks to Twitter, not only the people in the room are watching and judging, but every follower of those people are as well. Personally, I’m not sure if it’s good or bad. Thoughts?

UPDATE: Per Kevin Heisler’s comment below, none of the three tweets above were direct messages. I apologize for not remembering who the first one came from, but the second is from Lisa Barone and the third from David Berkowitz. Since they weren’t private messages, and were available to anyone following them, I don’t see a reason to conceal the identities.

I originally didn’t post the names because I didn’t want to start a personal attack; I thought the conversation around the comments was much more important (and potentially interesting) than the comments themselves.

For what it’s worth, I think both comments are true to the authors: Lisa’s comment sounds exactly like her; truthful, in a fun way. Read any blog post she’s ever written, and you’ll see they follow the same style.

David’s is very relevant, truthful, and even considerate. He added the @smx so whomever is running that account could see his thoughts as well. In my opinion, that’s pretty admirable. A truthful, unbiased, real-time review, conveyed in a professional manner. Nothing wrong with that.

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