Christmas shopping via text messaging

by danperry on November 30, 2008

in Online Marketing

I was leaving work on the day before Thanksgiving, and there were a number of people (at least 3-4) handing out the following card at the entrance to Union Station:

Christmas shopping via text message

Sorry for the crappy picture of it, but here’s what it says:

Shop for Holiday Gifts – On your Phone!

  1. Text JEWELRY to 73277
  2. Browse & Buy on your phone
  3. Pick-up in store or ship home

Alrthough this may already be old news, I’ve never seen a company test this and for that, I applaud Sears. I’m sure this is relatively inexpensive to execute, and considering most commuters have at least 1/2 an hour of time on the train (I have more like 50 minutes), it gives them the opportunity to consider it.

I’d LOVE to see the final numbers, and the success metrics for this, although I doubt I ever will. I do know someone who works at Sears (corporate headquarters is about 10 minutes from my house), but don’t think it’s their department.

Thoughts? Was it a good test or a waste of time and money? How would you measure this, and what would you consider a success?

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