What does this say about the SEO Industry?

by danperry on February 1, 2008

in Online Marketing

I was rifling through some fliers I collected at a conference recently, and ran across one that reminded me just how far we have to go as an industry. The company in question is Max Benjamin (maxbenjamin.com), who manufactures a “Mini Cigar Bar”, which holds a bottle of booze and a humidor, and all necessary accoutrement’s.

They must’ve had a little extra room on the flyer, and weren’t in the mood to write anymore copy about the Cigar Bar, so they decided to do what so many other small companies have done in the past. Here are a couple pictures:

Wannabe Internet marketing company

and a close-up of the bottom-right:

Wannabe Internet marketing company

(I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out the spelling error above “Visit our webbiest…” Classic.)

So what are they saying? “Well, if the people aren’t interested in our product, maybe they’ll be interested in our online marketing skillz. Heck, anyone can do that, so let’s just add it to the end of the flyer, and see if we get any takers.”

What does it say about an industry when it can be added on as an afterthought to a flier? I’ve never seen a flier for a dentist have an extra sentence that reads “Ask us about our top-quality lawn-care services”, or a flier for a new car that reads “Don’t forget to ask us about our exceptional dry-cleaning services too!”

When your service industry can be added on to a product flier, and even remotely taken seriously, you’re in trouble. What does the manufacturer of this product think of this industry, to even attempt this? Forget about the suckers who may bite and not cut the line; what about the guys paying to print this?

More importantly, what can we do, as an industry, to alter this perception? I wish I had a good answer, but I don’t. Do you?

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