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by danperry on November 4, 2008

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Nothing official, but a discussion began on Twitter today about having in-house marketers get together during Pubcon in Vegas next week. I think it’s a great idea, and I’m in!

If you’re interested, please leave a comment below, and answer the following questions:

1. Tuesday or Wednesday night?

2. Dinner, drinks, or both?

3. At Treasure Island or not?

4. Leave your Twitter URL in the comment.

5. Leave your company name if you like. It may help spark some thoughts/conversation points.

I’ll compile and send everyone who responds a Tweet with specifics in plenty of time for next week. Looking forward to it!

UPDATE – Tuesday, 11/4: Treasure Island has a restaurant called Isla Mexican Kitchen. Casual, with 90 types of Tequila. Food looks good, with average meals @$30. Here’s the link. I’m leaning towards this, because it’s close. They also said they can accommodate a good-sized crowd, without forcing us into a private room, which costs $$$, and since there isn’t a sponsor… well, you get it.

UPDATE – Thursday, 11/6: Looks like Tuesday night is the night. Still working with the restaurant on dinner specifics, but the drinks are on! 6:30 – 8 p.m. in the Isla bar. Jessica Bowman of has made the gracious gesture of buying the first round for everyone, so be sure to thank her upon arrival!

FINAL UPDATE – Friday, 11/7: I spoke with the General Manager of the Isla Mexican Kitchen last night, and we are confirmed for the following:

Reservations for about 25 people in the bar at 6:30. We are also confirmed for dinner reservations in the dining room at 8 p.m. for 24 people. Remember that in both cases, there is room for more, so if you don’t read this until Monday or Tuesday of next week, just come anyway!

I had to split the dinner reservation into 3 tables of 8 people, for them to accommodate the  need of separate checks. Sorry we couldn’t find a sponsor, and I know how important it is for in-house people to be reimbursed.  :)
As I mentioned earlier, Jessica Bowman of will be buying the first round of drinks at the bar, so be sure to seek her out and give her a big THANKS (and a business card.)

That’s it. I’m really looking forward to it, and can’t wait to see all my fellow in-housers. Bring plenty of business cards and an appetite, and I’ll see you there!
Thoughts? Add them below.

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