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by danperry on February 24, 2009

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As most of you know, I’m an in-house SEO at I also follow a lot of other In-house SEO’s. I had an idea today while having a Twitter conversation with @Topheratl (in-house SEO at CNN), that when we find an interesting blog post or white paper or any link that may be valuable to in-house folks, that we tag the tweet so others can find it too. Here’s the tag:


By using this in tweets, when you Search Twitter for the term (with the hash tag), you can see all the tweets specific for in-house SEO’s. Here’s a screenshot:

Twitter tag for in-house SEO Marketers

Now anyone can follow all the tweets for inhouse marketers! You can even subscribe to the RSS feed.

Remember, it only works if a lot of people use it, so if you’re an in-house SEO, or want to reach that audience with your tweeted links, be sure to include the #inhouse tag.

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