Flickr Tip – Maximize your Description

by danperry on July 2, 2008

in flickr

Underneath each image on Flickr, there’s an area to add a Description. If you maximize this space, you have the ability of defining the text under the link in a Google result. If you don’t maximize it (or don’t add enough characters), Flickr fills it for you. Here are a couple examples:


In Flickr, the description for the above photos reads as follows: The first image reads “Harborside International Golf Center, Chicago, Illinois” and the second one reads “Harborside International Golf, Port Course, Chicago, IL”.

You’ll notice that there is some additional text that Flickr is adding to the SERP. In both cases, it reads “Click this icon to see public photos and videos tagged with golf il golf…”. Not the end of the world, but not optimal either.

Now let’s look at an optimized description for an image.


As you’ll see, there was enough text in the description of this image to keep Flickr from adding any of their text. I’m not sure what the threshold is, but one thing is clear:

When it comes to Flickr Descriptions, better too long than too short.

Hope this helps!

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