Find A Golf Ball?

Find a golf ball that looks like this?

Dan Perry

If so, you’re in the right place.

I play a lot of golf and though I play to about a 12 (OK, a 15), I do lose a ball from time to time. That’s why you’re here.

Feel free to leave in the comments where you found the ball, but don’t leave only the name of the course. Be sure to include the details, such as:

“Found as far right of the third fairway as possible. Must have been the shank of a lifetime.”

or something like:

“Found at the deepest point of the water hazard on this par 3. Must have really been a colossal flub.”

Have some fun with it, but remember: If you found it in the woods, you were probably there looking for one of your own balls, so don’t get too carried away. :)

And thanks for coming here and filling this out!

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