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by danperry on June 16, 2009

in Online Marketing

I was recently asked which bloggers among the SEO community that I read the most. Considering there are easily hundreds (if not thousands) of SEO bloggers out there, I thought I’d share my list of must-reads.

I know I’ll forget some of the great ones, so be sure to add them in the comments, and explain why you think they’re great.

In no particular order:

Danny Sullivan – This was a given, but when I think of journalism and SEO, Danny bubbles to the top by a wide margin. His writing style, depth of content and ability to consistently provide citations makes him the well-deserved king.

Aaron Wall – Generates some of the most thought-provoking SEO posts, period. Aaron has such a keen business sense in addition to SEO, and the combination of the two makes for a must-read.

Stephan Spencer – Has a knack for taking technical SEO issues (301’s, nofollow, canonical tag issues, etc.) and conveying them in an easy to understand format. Plus, Stephan’s Powerpoints are top notch (like these two on Long Tail and Internal Linking and Architecture.) Truly adding value to the SEO community by sharing these.

P.J. Fusco – Been writing for ClickZ since 2004, but actually works for Stephan Spencer at NetConcepts. Very impressed with the consistency of articles. Love her writing style, and appreciate the value she puts into SEO. She (as well as Aaron) are quoted in my favorite marketing quotes page as well. Preaching to the choir, I know, but she finished this article perfectly:

“Attaining peak search engine performance is not free. It’s an ongoing, evolutionary process that requires adequate budget allocations year after year. If you are surrounded by those who think SEO is free, now is a great time to remind them that they get what they pay for.”

David Mihm – When it comes to Local SEO, this is THE guy. Realizing one of my favorite posts is a compilation (thus not specifically a blog post) it’s the thought-process that goes into it, and how to get there that I appreciate. Plus his Links of Local Interest are gold if you’re working in the Local SEO space.

Laura Lippay – Doesn’t blog as often as most, but her inhouse stuff (she does Inhouse SEO at Yahoo!) is easily the best I’ve read.

Eli Aloisi – Most of what Eli discusses is over my head, and some of it uses “blue” language, but I’ve never read a post of his and not learned something. Definitely read his post on building an SEO Empire but I’m warning you, have a few hours cleared. BlueHatSEO is like crack; once you start reading, you can’t stop at just one post.

OK… Now who did I forget?

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