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by danperry on February 4, 2008

in Online Marketing

Was watching the news this morning, and saw an ad for the Arizona Office of Tourism, and the domain was What a great idea; think of the possibilities:

  • Local TV buys, with the ad tailored to the Chicago market (Get out of the Windy City, and come to the Grand Canyon State, etc.)
  • Local PPC buys, done within a radius of the city.
  • Print buys (Newspaper, Magazine) that are tailored to the city.
  • Opportunity to roll this idea out to more and more locations (LA, NY, etc.)

Looking over the site, I see a lot of opportunities to tie it in with its’ target market (Chicago natives). Currently, the copy looks pretty boilerplate, but throw a few “Michigan Avenues” and “Millennium Parks” in there, and you could really draw in the audience.

Great idea AZ Office of Tourism. Now maximize the heck out of it!

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