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by danperry on September 24, 2008

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The Chicago Tribune has been using Twitter for quite awhile with their online persona Colonel Tribune. Since the beginning, their Twitter feed has had a personality, which is really the hardest part for a company to pull off online.

The Trib, and specifically the Colonel have excelled in it, and deserve recognition. In addition, the proof is in the pudding: Even though the Colonel only has 1,576 updates, he still has 1,170 followers, which is really good. By contrast, the SunTimes, and their news-fed Twitter feed had a whopping 7,327 updates, but only 454 followers. Clearly, quality trumps quantity in Twitterville.
The Chicago Sun Times has realized this is the way to go, and decided to change their newsfeed ways, and turned their Twitter entity into something a little more interesting. In a response today, they put it most succinctly:

“We’ve been here for a while, but finally dumped our newsfeed in favor of flesh and blood. We come in peace.”

Awesome! It’s so nice to watch a company come around, and realize it’s not just the quantity, but quality too. It’s nice to see a little personality coming from the SunTimes. Congrats folks; job well done!

Now if we could only get the PGA Tour and the PGA of America to add a little personality into their feeds. Oh well, a golfer dreams.

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