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Beginner SEO Suggestions

January 10, 2010
Boyne Highlands, Michigan

Whether it be friends, family, acquaintances, etc., I often receive the following type of email: Hey Dan, I have a friend that runs a website and is looking for some SEO help. Anything you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Friend,  family, acquaintance In an effort to automate as much of my life as […]

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Personal Branding – 2009 Update

December 6, 2009

Last year I posted about my personal branding efforts, and where I ranked in Google and Yahoo for the a search of my name (Dan Perry, no quotes.) I compared my rankings from 2008 to 2007. This is an update on that post, to keep track of the value of my personal branding efforts. In […]

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Image Optimization by BusinessWeek

September 14, 2009

Did a bit of ego/vanity-surfing this morning (typed Dan Perry into Google) and saw something new in the images section: The image on the far right is from my Twitter Feed, so I decided to click-through. It’s from a few months ago, and references a Time Management Tip I provided. The question is… How did […]

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Bing Advertising Fail

June 30, 2009

Details, details, details. If there’s one thing I learned in the Navy was attention to detail. Looks like Bing may have forgotten a very small detail in their online advertising. Saw an ad for Bing online today that was specific to golf. Here it is: According to the ad you can enter a tournament in […]

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Decrease email unsubscribes by adding frequency option

June 30, 2009

I was getting a lot of email from L.L. Bean, and decided to unsubscribe. On the unsubscribe page, I saw the above image. Instead of just unsubscribing, it gives me the option to change the frequency that I receive email from them. This may be old hat in the email marketing community, but I found […]

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My Favorite SEO Bloggers

June 16, 2009

I was recently asked which bloggers among the SEO community that I read the most. Considering there are easily hundreds (if not thousands) of SEO bloggers out there, I thought I’d share my list of must-reads. I know I’ll forget some of the great ones, so be sure to add them in the comments, and […]

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Twitter Quality vs. Quantity

March 18, 2009

There are lots of new Twitter tools out there to help you generate followers via auto-follows, follow-backs, etc. (Ever have someone follow you multiple times in a day or two? Bingo.) This helps you create a large number of followers in a very short period of time. This comes back to the old debate of […]

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Best Internet Marketing Posts – 2008

January 5, 2009

OK, a personal “pat on the back” post coming, so brace yourself. One of my posts (about personal branding) made Tamar Weinberg’s list of the Best Internet Marketing Posts of 2008! I’d like to thank my parents, my wife and the city of Chicago. If it weren’t for cold winters keeping me off the golf […]

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LinkedIn Spam, or am I just that popular?

December 29, 2008

I’m a regular user of LinkedIn, and usually connect with those that reach out but lately, I’ve noticed an interesting trend, and I’m not sure what to make of it. During the month of December, I’ve received invitations to connect from some very attractive women. Normally, I would consider this a good thing, but the […]

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Christmas shopping via text messaging

November 30, 2008

I was leaving work on the day before Thanksgiving, and there were a number of people (at least 3-4) handing out the following card at the entrance to Union Station: Sorry for the crappy picture of it, but here’s what it says: Shop for Holiday Gifts – On your Phone! Text JEWELRY to 73277 Browse & […]

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