Chicago White Sox Perfect Game – Mark Buehrle – 7/23/2009

Mark Buehrle Perfect Game

by danperry on August 5, 2009

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My department at work had a half-day off-site networking event, as did other departments within my company ( We went to a Chicago White Sox game as a group, numbering in the hundreds. Little did we know it would be the 18th perfect game in the history of baseball!

View from the cheap seats

Our seats were upper-deck, between third and home. Besides tickets to the game, we also got $20 in “Comiskey Cash” or whatever it’s called nowadays; basically money to spend in the stadium. Besides beer, I knew exactly what I wanted.

Not a ballgame without these

What we noticed was that this game was flying by. We knew Buehrle didn’t waste any time, but I mean it was flying! If I remember correctly, the total game time was only 2:03, which is ridiculous.

The Cell - Chicago

Fast-forward to the ninth. The whole stadium is on its feet when Dewayne Wise caught that fly ball, that place absolutely erupted. I’ve never heard a cheer that loud in my life; what a moment!

Here’s a shot as the team surrounded Mark:

White Sox Perfect Game

And when they started interviewing him.

Post Perfect Game Interview

And finally here’s my favorite picture, as we were headed for the Red Line.

Leaving the Chicago White Sox Perfect Game

A game and an experience I’ll never forget. For the record, I kept my ticket stub; I may even get it framed.

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